Lume Candida Piramide



Solid D+

LUME CANDIDA PIRAMIDE by Disegnopiù: lighting element that diffuses light and aroma of solid cedar. Each piece is unique due to its natural grain.

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The ‘LUME CANDIDA PIRAMIDE’ is a seductive synergy of design and nature. Created from scented solid cedar, this illuminating element enriches spaces with visual warmth and a distinctive aroma. Its meticulously designed pyramid shape highlights the natural beauty of wood, making each piece unique and personal. This lamp goes beyond the simple function of illuminating; it is an expression of style and sustainability, designed for admirers of quality and craftsmanship. Attention to detail and dedication to eco-friendly production make the ‘LUME CANDIDA Piramide’ a stand-out element in any environment. Perfect for creating a fascinating light point in any room, this lamp improves the atmosphere, bringing serenity and refinement. It is the ideal choice for those looking to combine functionality with high-impact aesthetics, offering lighting that celebrates the intrinsic beauty of nature.


+ Solid scented cedar


+ 2 weeks (subject to immediate stock availability) | Worldwide delivery

*All photos are for illustrative purposes, the grain of the solid wood used to make the product varies from time to time

Wood textures


Product dimensions

  • Length: 40.5cm
  • Width: 16cm
  • Height: 73cm

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