Three minds and a common project


As in the best Silicon Valley stories, everything starts in a garage.

However, Angelo and Nicola do not assemble computers and do not write in binary code. They share skills and dreams and, starting with makeshift tools, they transform the wood they work into talent to become reference points for local craftsmanship.

The meeting with Martino originates the foundations of an ambitious project: Disegnopiù, a company that smoothes and carves positive aesthetic solutions matured in works of art.

Three different minds with different paths that write together in a short time a BEAUTIFUL STORY made of recognitions, successes and creations that leads them to establish themselves as strong memories of contemporary design.

Angelo, Nicola and Martino hold tight cultures and places that have grown them and brand them on their creations. On the road to their know-how they do not stop looking for new intersections and collaborations until they reach the other side of the world to nourish their unique design with other brilliant minds and productions that already speak of the future.

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