True luxury is making what is beautiful practical


Disegnopiù researches, deepens and breathes the social evolutions transcribing the perceived vibrations of the new postmodern in its most important point of arrival: very light Beauty.

The space in which the idea of ​​Disegnopiù grows is manual ability. Careful and creative artisan substance that masterfully tames the technological assets needed by the company to make its creations even more precious.From here the dialogue between Disegnopiù’s imagination and the need to dream of those who choose his products starts. A skilful and mature dance that investigates proxemics and sails with full sail towards a positive future.

Every Disegnopiù creation has and must always have the soft scent of its conception, its design and the dedicated manual skills that allowed it to grow with noble care. The hand that caresses is that of art, a clear way to express oneself in freedom. The craftsmanship of its character frames the design in a new form of expression that makes all objects created by Disegnopiù identifying and unique.

The attention to the soul that its products contain is manifested in functionality and practicality so that the positive message that defines this company is never lost “true luxury is making practical what is beautiful”.

“Our young brand appears in the market of the future, where the relationship between individual and design will increasingly take on a strategic role, with the ambition to convey all our commitment to conceive and create products full of meaning, values, which know how to make people feel emotions and generate reflections “.

Co-founder Disegnopiù

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