Consolle 160 Notte Brillante



Logo collezione Falegnameria Disegnopiù

Notte Brillante’ console by Disegnopiù: Italian craftsmanship, perfection in design, quality of materials. The black parapan combines with the authentic grain of the natural olive tree. Reflection of excellence and commitment to the tradition of Made in Italy.

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Notte Brillante’ by Disegnopiù is a console that combines innovation and craftsmanship. The intense black of the Parapan harmonizes with the natural olive tree, every detail taken care of by expert hands. Representing the excellence of Made in Italy, each console symbolizes luxury and durability. ‘Notte Brillante’ goes beyond a console: it is an emblem of sustainable luxury and craftsmanship. The combination of quality materials and meticulous detail tell a story of passion and art, distinctive of Made in Italy.


+ Natural Olive wood

+ Parapan


+ 4 weeks (subject to immediate stock availability) | Worldwide delivery



Wood textures

Natural Olive

Product dimensions

  • Length: 46cm
  • Width: 160cm
  • Height: 90cm

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